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craka, please!

Just another craka

Gravy Dan
30 January 1976
I'm a young amish man. I once once poured gravy instead of cream in my coffee.

I like hats, pants and pukes. Wanna puke with me? In hats? And pants? Sounds nice.

I look a little like this:

I am a moderator for the following communities:

operation_x is a free-form continuous story community.

thatcher_porn is exactly what you think it is.

ratemyspitoon is an anti-ratings community for mutant social misfits.

aquariass is an alternative community for aquarians who are bored with talking about astrology.

manlyburns is community for sporters and lovers of manly sideburns.

I am married to bastardang

I am the father, owner and user of huginnthephone
pigs pants pies